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Natalia Diaz moved from Medellin, Colombia to Vancouver, Canada. She studied Visual Effects for film and video at The Art Institute of Vancouver in 2006, and proceeded to work on upscale TV series like Stargate, for which she received a Gemini nomination, and major block buster movies like the "fast and furious" franchise, "beauty and the beast", "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them", "Alice in wonderland", "Elysium", "X-men", among others.
Passionate about her craft, she has worked for studios such as Image Engine, Digital Domain, Framestore and Double Negative for over 12 years.
She loves the artistic side of creating images and paintings that tell stories and the technical implication and challenges of managing digital film formats.

Find detailed information about her film credits at IMDB here.

You can see her demo reel here, and also her photography gallery here.


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Let's start off the blog by exploring street photography in downtown Vancouver. Some may say, Vancouver is a dull city, but if you look closer, the city is filled with treasure moments waiting for you lens to find them.


HR feedback
"Good communication skills, both in discussing the direction of the work in the screening room and in estimating how much time she needed to complete the work. Has a good eye. Organised and hard working. Manages her time well and hits her deadlines. Very good about addressing notes, happy to take feedback, worked very hard to progress her shots. Has been very keen to take more responsibility. Natalia has been able to give technical support to her fellow GP compers while staying on top her own work. She delivered some tricky retime/repo shots, helped layout with publishing cameras as well as delivering hero look dev shots. She strives to solve the issues as soon as possible and will spend the extra time to work through them. She is very patient. She likes to learn and always had a positive attitude, pleasant to deal with, easy to work with, always warm and friendly with a good sense of humour. A good collaborator who works well with production."